Bradley Fields


Bradley guides children on a world class journey of discovery and wonder, diving into the world of numbers and magic. Discover the beauty, the power, the magic of the language of math.

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Out of Thin Air!

Direct from the Isle of Mala Goola!

Watch closely and right before your very eyes!

...As side show hucksters, fairground fakirs, wizards and wonder workers all come to life. And make miracles appear ...OUT OF THIN AIR!

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"A spellbinder of a magician!  With his curly head of red hair and his mime-like air of bemusement, he had some of Harpo Marx's surrealistic charm.  Rarely I have I seen magic with such grace and wit!  Fields delivery was at least as magical as his actual sleight of hand, and in a world of entertainment so often dominated by has-beens and never-weres, his expert craftsmanship was quite refreshing."
Chicago Tribune

"Exceptionally funny!  A virtuoso magician and illusionist."
This Week in Las Vegas

"New York's funniest magician.  He brought laughs those present might never have thought a magician could cause.  But Fields' talent is not only in his magic tricks, but in the magic of his body.  He is a red-haired Marceau, who through the concert would conjure up other worldly spirits."
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"One of the most beautiful acts in magic today.  The audience is mesmerized, and when they come to themselves, they explode into deafening applause."
Tops Magazine

"Captivating and amazing!"
Smithsonian Institution

"Bradley is a masterful performer.  His illusions are first class as are his comedy and acting… A first-class experience."
Pepperdine University

"LBC series subscribers were ecstatic!"
Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, CA

 "Among the top magicians in the entertainment world."
Tennessee State University

"A very high level of artistic achievement."
California Institute of Technology

"It is good to see someone making magic theatrical and magical again."
Doug Henning

"The audience was kept spellbound!"
Harrogate Herald, England

"Much, much more than a magic show!  A carefully choreographed production combing elements of dance, mime, and music with sleight-of-hand artistry to create an evening of very high-class entertainment indeed!  Those present—and it was a full house—expressed their wonder and amazement with frequent oohs and ahs as well as enthusiastic applause. 

The artist, who studied mime in Paris with the great master, Etienne Decroux, gave the impression of a mischievous elf as he moved about the stage performing one magic trick after another in a seamless flow of movement. His shock of red, curly hair, his wide-eyed innocent expression, and the long, nimble fingers he used so expressively, all contributed to the illusion that we were watching the chief jester in a traveling band of medieval performers. . . . Split-second timing had the audience agog.  Miraculous!"
Summit Independent (NJ Shakespeare Festival)

"A thrilling display of artistry!  Bradley Fields' wizard tricks and captivating stage personality combined to delight all who watched the very special and wonderful kind of "Theatre".  All in all, the largest audience I have ever seen at a Nowich Arts Forum presentation were completely enthralled all evening."
Norwich University

"A girl sleeps in mid-air; cards rise mysteriously out of ordinary glasses.  This is the craft of magic, and Bradley Fields proved he is a master of the craft.  But Fields showed that magic was much more than a craft.  His act is a reaction against the stereotyped magician with his long tails, his top hat and his scantily-clad assistant.  Field's art is rooted in the medieval bands of jugglers, dancers, actors and signers who traveled from town to town with their side shows.

His act is choreographed.  There are elements of ballet and mime.  He performs card tricks and rope tricks, those work horses of the trade, and locks a girl in a trunk only to have her change places with the magician.  He performs all of these perfectly, but it is in the more artistic endeavors that Fields moves magic from a craft to an art."
The Daily Press, Utica